Influence Marketing is different than Influencer Marketing – Episode 139

In a fitting second-to-the-end episode for us, the three of us discuss Influence Marketing. Bare with us as we dig deeply into the marketing terminology (along with A LOT of banter). If you’d like to read a little more before listening, here’s one against Influencer Marketing: from AdWeek that states “Companies spent an estimated $570 million on sponsored Instagram posts alone last year.” And here’s a Influencer Marketing pro from Forbes that mentions “A recent survey revealed 84% of marketers plan on executing at least one influencer marketing campaign during the next 12 months.”

Amy’s quote on Influence Marketing

We hope you love what you learn because we learned it from doing The Geek Whisperers for a number of years. Some notes:

  • Differentiation of Influencer Marketing vs Influence Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing: Paying people to interact with your brand (in Amy’s terms, that’s an Influencer as a Service)
  • Amy’s Earned Owned or Paid model
  • People, Platforms, Content
  • Influence Marketing Council’s, found at
  • Influence and Advocacy as skillsets
  • How to work with people, not use them
  • Understanding what’s a pebble and what’s a boulder and when to use which
  • Word of mouth and relationship as an old school process (it’s the craft beer of marketing these days)
  • The battle for seeing value (through metrics)
  • Where you and your career fits into Influence(r) Marketing

For your continued learning, read up on John’s work at the Influence Marketing Council (which Amy and Matt both participate in). And get ready folks, the last episode is up next!

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