Spiceworks: Whisperings at SpiceWorld

SpiceWorld is a series of conferences put on by our friends at Spiceworks, the community that champions sysadmins throughout the world. The Geek Whisperers were invited as influencers in 2014 and again in 2015. Here are some of the highlights.

If it isn’t already clear, here’s the disclaimer: costs associated with attending SpiceWorld have been covered by the team at Spiceworks. We have not been nor will be paid for our podcasting efforts there.

  1. We began by finding our professional tribe with Matt Simmons
  2. We learned how to (start to) write a book with Tom Limoncelli
  3. We discussed the power of empathy with Whitney Carnes
  4. Lastly, we connect with the CEO, Scott Abel, and discuss why he hordes all the unicorn types

We also ate BBQ and had some fun photoshoots with friends. More photos are available on Chris Wahl’s page.

We’re headed back to SpiceWorld 2015! We will be part of a roundtable AND of course we’ll be podcasting again. Let us know if you’ll be there and want to chat!