Scott Abel, CEO and Unicorn Hoarder – Episode 65

In the grand finale of our time at SpiceWorld 2014, your Geek Whisperers talk with Scott Abel, humble CEO of Spiceworks, lets us occasionally ask questions and mostly just talk about his cool business and behavior.scott_abel_tattoo

  • No revisionist history
  • Culture & values of a community
  • Community moderators
  • Asking for input, not for a vote
  • How code influences behavior (Broken window theory)
  • Simplicity without negativity
  • How you can’t force behavior
  • Planting seeds of culture
  • Quality of discussion over quantity of discussion
  • Unicorn husbandry
  • The benefit of wildly ignorant beginnings
  • Listening as a business model
  • Unicorns as a Service


More conversations with Scott:

And we recommend you look at the SpiceWorks community.

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