How to Start Writing Books – Episode 64

Prolific writer and self-defined “shameless self promoter” Tom Limoncelli joins us in this continued series from SpiceWorld 2014.


We discuss:

  • The years before social media
  • Publishing books
  • Blogging before blogging was big
  • Whether you need authority to write a book
  • LISA projects
  • Power of index cards as a medium
  • Enabling your coworkers & boss to support your writing
  • Self motivation
  • Cocktail party ranting approach to book writing
  • Getting feedback in a Lead Startup way
  • Sys Admins vs IT Pros
  • Beyond Vendor tribalism
  • Beyond silos of vendor
  • Empathy
  • Conference organization

Tom had a number of memorable quotes:

  • “Prepare for the impact on your career performance while you write the book”
  • “You need to eliminate the things in your life that are more fun than writing a book”
  • “As Tim O’Reilly says: Produce more value than you take.”
  • “The more you give away about a book the more people want to buy it.”

And my favorite quote of Tom’s:

“There’s a myth in publishing that you have to know what you’re talking about to write a book. It turns out you get credibility having written a book. It’s not the other way around.”

Tom is visible almost everywhere online, but here are some specific places to find him:

What’s a book you’d like to write?



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