Podcast 1: The Twitters Wont Tweet Itself

Enjoy the first week of our podcast.

Episode 1, The Twitters Must Be Tweeted: The Geek Whisperers take on what’s wrong with the traditional social media industry, first through introductions to you as well as each other, share social media and community experiences, argue social measurement, and brainstorm about influencer and advocacy engagement.



Answer Amy’s question of the week in the comments:

You might be an influencer marketer if….

Here’s the deck that Matt refers to:

For-instance answer to the question: You might be an influence marketer if…

Amy: People refer to you as ‘interesting‘ after a meeting

Matthew: Your response path goes DMs, @mentions, text messages, THEN email.

John: You suspect you might have tendencies towards AD… Wait, did we post already? Squirrel!

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