Podcast 10 LIVE – Organic Social Media is Better Than Forced

Your hosts of John, Amy and Matt come together for the first time in person since the podcast began! While live from EMC World 2013, we dig into a few hot topics:

  1. What’s it take to be a Geek Whisperer
  2. To mandate or not to mandate social media usage
  3. Activity at events
  4. Hashtag strategies

Geeks at Play - Recording Geek Whisperers Live


Some of the topics that arose include the EMC World experience, in particular the EMC Elect space where we recorded.  Here’s a great shot of it:

EMC Elect Space


Now to the most important part of the story: if anyone can convince Amy that they started a “viral hashtag” for work, she’ll buy you 3 months of the bacon club.

One conclusion from the show


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