Podcast 19 – Is Social Media the Great Equalizer for Women in Tech? LIVE at VMworld 2013

Lauren Malhoit
Lauren Malhoit

The guest: Lauren Malhoit, host of the Adapting IT Podcast, vExpert, Systems Implementation Engineer, and all round smart person. The topic: Is Social Media the Great Equalizer for Women in Tech? “Equalizer” might not be quite the right word — as Amy says in the first two minutes of the podcast, “We feel plenty equal, but I don’t know if we’re represented the same.” Another podcast recorded LIVE at VMworld 2013 in San Francisco!


  • Does Social Media Favor the Loud?
  • Breaking through the Gatekeepers
  • Cloud Bunnies, fierce vOdgeball competitors
  • Benefits of being visible on social media
  • Women reluctant to be podcast guests
  • Role models
  • Including women’s voices in podcasts like Speaking in Tech
  • Booth babes
  • Women wearing the Executive Mantle
  • Mansplaining — a Man Thing or an Engineer Thing?
  • Being underestimated
  • Women are shoved into just a few buckets
CloudBunnies #feartheears
CloudBunnies #feartheears

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