Episode 31: A Navel Gaze-y Year In Review Extravaganza!

Navel Gazing as a Service

What can you expect when Andy Banta and Gabriel “Bacon is King” Chapman are on Geek Whisperers? Whatever you conclude, heed Andy’s words:

“Allow us to dash your expectations”

This last episode of our first year is not one to be missed! We ask:

  • What are our personal origins in social media?
  • Was John really around at the beginning of Social Media?
  • Is Gabriel known as anything other than @Bacon_is_King?
  • Will Amy lightsaber off Matt’s hand?
  • Have any of us learned anything in this year of podcasting?

And we make some predictions. Because why not.


Thank you all for listening — we’re looking forward to a brand new year just around the corner.

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  1. 2 January, 2014

    To clear the air on one comment in the podcast. I got my payment for the book contribution and instead of the floors she spent it on Christmas. Guess I’ll have to pick up another project so she can get her floors. 🙂

    • Andy
      3 January, 2014

      I figured you were just the carpet until that happened.

  2. Gabriel Chapman
    3 January, 2014

    Thats exactly the mustache I would grow if I could grow one.

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