Publish or Perish: Agile vs Waterfall Content – Podcast 37

This picture of a baby and a waterfall has very little to do with this week's podcast.
This picture of a baby and a waterfall has very little to do with this week’s podcast.

We continue our discussion about content and surviving the content crunch. The metaphors fly thick as we talk about being personal trainers for content creation, being agile bicyclists vs building a waterfall-driven space program, and something about roulette wheels and pebbles.

This is what we talked about:

  • Why Are So Many Journalists Willing To Write For Free? – The Canadian Journalism Project (short answer: Hope Labour)
  • Don’t End The Week With Nothing – Patrick McKenzie
  • The Influence Diet
  • Blog post or it didn’t happen
  • If you answer a question three times, blog it
  • The Amazon Review Layer, aka The Unicorn Layer
  • Creating a program to create content from subject-matter experts
  • The urgency of weekly blogging
  • The agility of bottom-up “citizen analyst” content
  • The non-urgency of corporately-produced content
  • Content creation: waterfall vs agile
  • Saturn V rockets vs bicycles
  • Put chips on the roulette table and double down on what works
  • The Content Crunch and Content By The Ton
  • Day-Of Content
  • Pebbles vs One Big Splash
  • Multiple author blogs as onramp
  • Be a personal trainer of content creation
  • Intending to show up once a quarter, but actually showing up once a year
  • Speaking To an audience vs Conversations With them
  • It’s about relationship building. It’s always about relationship building.


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  1. LaurenMalhoit
    11 March, 2014

    One thing I would also point out about publishing is that it builds confidence in the person doing the publishing. As you have all pointed out, people say they don’t blog because they don’t have anything to say. Once you start doing it, and maybe get a little feedback, you gain confidence. Confidence (not arrogance) is key in the IT industry.

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