Community Building is the New Marketing: Episode 42

Mark Finnern - SAP Mentor Evangelist

This week your Whisperers are welcomed by Mark Finnern, Chief Community Evangelist responsible for the SAP Mentor Initiative.

Mark is a fellow passionate community builder who, when called out as a marketer, responds with certainty:

“If [community building] is the new marketing then absolutely, I am a Marketeer.”

Some topics of discussion:

  • The success of building SAP Mentors
  • Influence Marketing and it’s stakeholders
  • Influencers at events
  • Bridging the offline with the online
  • The power of a well-branded t-shirt
  • What you measure can kill the energy 
  • Breaking into the executive bubble
  • Combatting executive inoculation with Influencers

To find more of Mark’s wise words and activities with SAP mentors, give him a follow @finnern on Twitter.

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