Knights of the Old Publishing Republic: Episode 40

Susan Fogarty, Editor-in-Chief of Network Computing joins us on this return to our Star Wars ways.


On the podcast we compare the time when the IT Media peacefully governed the galaxy to the Old Republic. We also discuss:

  • How Susan hates feet and clowns
  • How some people can make money writing for magazines
  • Bloggers as both the sources of content and the competition for eyes
  • The challenge of bringing Twitter chat onto a website
  • John makes mention that Webinar sucks and could be better
  • Matt cringes at the idea of a new metric of engagement
  • Amy totes the stick-it-in-the-eye value of Geek Whisperers
  • Persona management of personal brand vs corporate brand
  • Ethics of freelance Influencers


If you are looking for an opportunity to write up technology on Network Computing, don’t be shy about reaching out to Susan!

And because the Internet never forgets, here’s John Mark Troyer as a Wookie along side Steve Herrod. The full video is here.


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