The Collective Noun of Influencers: Episode 50

The energy at Cisco Live tells a story. As Amy puts it so well in the show: “The collective noun of Influencers is really taking root and it’s amazing to see.”

Joined for color commentary by Matt Leib, 2/3rds of the gorilla marketing Whisperers sit cross-legged at the show and discuss the greater context of influence at an event, while 1/3 sits comfortable in a conference room.


Gorilla Whispering
Gorilla Whispering


The details:

  • Tips and tricks to build influence at live events
  • Origins of the bloggers lounge (with a hat tip to Len Devanna)
  • Demystifying Influence Marketing for leadership
  • Being aware of what you’re wearing (e.g. The Approachable T-shirt)
  • How long Influencer programs should remain unbranded / underground
  • Selfies with CTOs (see below)
Just Amy with Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior. NBD.
Just Amy with Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior. NBD.

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