Energized By Change: Talking Careers with Marc Farley – Episode 61

The Geek Whisperers crew is proud to have serial entrepreneur and former Microsoft employee Marc Farley on our third and final podcast from VMworld 2014. This episode was recorded on day 3 and you can hear it just a little bit.

Marc Farley on the infamous steering wheel cam.
Marc Farley on the infamous steering wheel cam.

Our theme is career change, and Marc has been the master of it. He most recently left Microsoft after an acquisition to head to Quaddra Software as employee #8. We discuss:

  • Why Marc changed again: “I just get energized by change”
  • “Speculative Employment” as a strategy
  • Why he can’t afford a yacht – “I don’t have a yacht, I have a renovated bathroom”
  • Career talk on stock and what it does to your income
  • Org chart issues when mapping to Unicorns
  • Cracks between the org charts
  • Our favorite episode with Chuck Hollis on personal and professional brand overlap
  • Steering wheel cams
  • Competition in and out of a company
  • The mother of invention
  • The pork belly stock markets
  • Determine the best move between small and large companies
  • Negotiating social engagement at hiring
  • “Stealth mode” in startups and what Marc thinks of them
  • The bacon tree from vBacon (see below)
Insightful quote from Marc Farley during this episode

You can follow Marc on Twitter @gofarley and see his mind’s eye on his blog.



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