Marketing, Blogging, & Community: Talking with Duncan Epping – Episode 69

This week we’re pleased to be joined by one of the most significant influencers in the virtualizationduncan-epping-riding-a-unicorn-shooting-rainbows-and-a-kitten. Duncan Epping, Chief Technologist in the Office of the CTO at VMware, joins us to talk about his journey from indy punk websites to significant influence in our community.

We talk to Duncan about:

  • Unlikely punk rock inspired engagement
  • VCDX Unicorn Panel
  • Karate kid: wash on, wax bacon
  • Making personal platform for people to get their name out
  • Making heroes of the brave
  • Community as a part of your career trajectory
  •  Watching the online activity growth
  •  Platform creation out of community need
  • DIY roots in some smaller communities
  •  How much energy to put into a blogging project
  •  Handing over a labor of love project
  •  Getting an email from a VP when you’re a lowly blogger
  •  How Duncan is a natural marketer
  •  Launch day mania
  •  Strength of a thousand pebbles
  •  Backing up what you say
We’re so happy to have the brains behind YellowBricks and a collection of incredible books join us this week. Thanks for listening!

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