The CEO of your own career – Josh Atwell – Ep 75

Josh in his podcasting lair
Josh in his podcasting lair

Josh Atwell is a man with a plan. We talk with Josh about agile career development and the way Josh navigated the steps in his career from an undergraduate in aerospace engineering to an enterprise architect, and what he has mapped out for the future

  1. Picking your goals
  2. Choosing your path
  3. Navigating your path
  • Little Josh wanted to be an astronaut
  • New grad Josh need to stay in NC and was selling cell phones
  • His network delivered to him an IT desktop support job
  • Setting career goals is about being honest and introspective
  • Looking at your current requirements
  • How would you spend your retirement?
  • Who do you want to emulate?
  • Index cards and sharpies
  • Moving from an IT practitioner to pre-sales
  • Breakaway moments
  • Making course corrections
  • Balancing opportunities between being on stage and actually being hands on with the tech
  • Extracurriculars can help with different skills than your day job – such as writing
  • Stepping back when needed
  • You are the CEO of your own life and your own career
  • Amy talks about marketing and her strategy of who to produce content and which conference
  • What Amy looks for in picking hand-raisers to work with
  • Josh has “aspiring CTO” in his LinkedIn profile –
  • Finding mentors
  • Do you need to reorder those business cards?
  • Don’t assume you have to be in the role you are
  • @josh_atwell
  • VUPaaS podcast
  • Josh’s blog



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  1. […] to a back episode of The Geek Whisperers podcast. In February 2015 John, Matt and Amy released Episode 75: Be the CEO of Your Own Career with guest Josh Atwell of Solidfire. The episode was so inspiring I listened to it twice in a row, […]

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