Authenticity and Engagement at Scale – Ep 77

This week we bite off perhaps more than we can chew, but we go ahead masticate anyway on the topic of social tools and authentic engagement until it turns into something tasty. Can you use new social tools and stay authentic? What implicit and explicit expectations are there with different social channels? How do you keep up a relationship with thousands of people, anyway?

old-man-cloudI almost entitled this blog post, “Old Woman Yells At Social Tools” because we start our conversation with Amy upset and shaking her fist at Twitter’s new feature for including multiple people in a direct message, something that was purely one-to-one until now. If there is no other indicator that you are using bulk communication tools, are you deceiving the recipient?

Tools mentioned:

“Marketers. We ruin everything.”

Dunbar’s Number

And you can hear this at the end of the episode, but this is what recording this episode really sounded like:

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