A Cross Section of Academic and Enterprise IT with Andy Warfield – Ep 80


The Geek Whisperers have the pleasure to talk a little tech with Andy Warfield, co-founder and CTO of Coho Data. He has a story of academics, startups, open source, enterprise IT and work/life balance.

What path is right for you? How is your career effected by academic pursuits?

We have more open conversation than conclusion. Here are some of the topics:

  • From University to startup
  • Learning from a ton of mistakes
  • Starting XenSource and the Xen hypervisor 
  • Being a Professor at University of Vancouver British Columbia
  • The difficulty of seeing what you fixed (not just what is left to do)
  • Andy’s research (full list here)
  • Book smarts vs street smart in IT
  • Going back and forth between Academics and Enterprise IT
  • The continued innovation coming from each
  • To open source or not in academia
  • The challenge of creating code for production
  • Being part of the marketing strategy
  • The gravitational pull to challenging problems
  • John and Matt sign up to be Andy’s student next year, building the future of type-safe multi-dimensional key/value stores

You can follow Andy on Twitter and read some of his more recent work on Coho Data’s blog.

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