A Technologist with Capital: From CTO to VC with Steve Herrod – Ep 82

Your Geek Whisperers have the pleasure of welcoming Steve Herrod to the show, former CTO of VMware, who now drinks tons of coffee as a VC for General Catalyst.
We have the opportunity to demystify what a venture capitalist does in a day and we capture a number career tips in the process.

We cover:

  • The change of pace after running an Engineering organization
  • How VCs are small businesses
  • How Steve started as an Engineer and worked his way into leadership by doing the job
  • Steve’s destiny being written as a “Computer Salesman” according to high school aptitude test
  • That a VC role is simple – find high potential people and make them success
  • The positive energy of being surrounded by optimists all day
  • Leadership and mentorship inside a company
  • Benefits of a no-boundary learning style
  • Shaping culture by accident and on purpose
  • Humility as an asset
  • Wookiee in the wild (see image below)
  • What the future of Enterprise IT careers has in store for us
  • The increasing importance of developers with communication skills
  • This statement: “Your ability to learn becomes all that really matters”

It was such a pleasure to learn from Steve Herrod on this round of whisperings. Stay tuned for more insights into mystical jobs and evolving careers.


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