DevOps and a Career Inflection Point with the Goat Whisperer: Episode 86

Goats, Unicorns and Whisperers walk into a podcast. The results were phenomenal.

Michael Ducy, better known as The Goat Whisperer, joins us to discuss career growth with a DevOps-y twist. He started his career as a sysadmin, joined some incredible people during the Cloud craze, and came out a community leader within the DevOps space. He gets paid as an Global Partner Evangelist at Chef.

We discuss:

  • Evangelist for the business development team
  • A definition of DevOps
  • How the term has “kind of hit its pique” of hype cycle
  • Being influenced by John Willis and John Vincent
  • Gene Kim’s Phoenix Project – a novel about DevOps
  • Increasing the flow through a system.
  • Goatsplaining
  • Goat Whispering
  • The organizational silos that create drag
  • How silos and DevOps naturally clash
  • The rise of the goat meme
  • How organizational silos are not all bad
  • Behaviors of a goat (naturally curious, can be used for multiple things)
  • Going “full goat”
  • Asking the question of “did you think you’d get here?”
  • Asking about how Michael gets paid for this
  • The inflection point of his career
  • Remembering there will be haters
  • Balancing lots of travel with wife and kids
  • The importance of organizational culture
  • Working from home
  • Becoming the voice of your brand to the customer
  • How Evangelism rocks as Marketing
  • Meetups as a classroom for credibility

You can follow up on Michael’s latest project, The Goat Farm Podcast:

And here are some further references just to confuse Google page ranking. Thanks for listening!

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