Propellerhead Props and avoiding the Snark Side with Rob Peglar – Ep 84

Your Geek Whisperers are joined by the proud propellerhead, Robert Peglar. He has the pleasure of being the VP of Advanced Storage at Micron and previously CTO of Americas for Isilon. He’s in his leo_peglar_wayne295x21326th year of work, in hexadecimal, and has a great deal of wisdom to share:

  • From hardcore engineering chops to leadership path
  • leadership courses – love them or leave them
  • How to learn to relate to other engineers
  • Introvert or extrovert preference?
  • Letting engineers meet customers
  • How do you empathize with folks that are not engineers?
  • What separates a manager from a leader
  • Mentorship – mentoring up and learning from others
  • How effective snarky is as a behavior
  • How to engage through the generational gaps
  • How storage and networking is so interesting as a career path


Huge thanks to Rob for his community support and time with us. Be sure to follow up with his work at Micron. He’s also quite active on Twitter.

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