Looking beyond the server rack for a career in IT with Glenn Pitchford – Ep 102

Glenn Pitchford is an IT director at a small nonprofit. We talked to Glenn at the SpiceWorld 2015 conference in Austin. Glenn talks about mentoring, being a trusted advisor to the business, and living the dream with a career in IT.

Some of Glenn’s advice: Don’t get stuck in technology and understand the business.  Being able to look beyond the IT department and the server rack — that’s where you add value.

Glenn was able to stay at the same place with a productive and fruitful career by staying one step ahead of the business with the appropriate technology at the right time — from the very first networks to today.

Glenn was an early member of Spiceworks community, A great article on Glenn at the Spiceworks community site:  Dawn of the user, death of the dumb terminal: 36 years in IT with Glenn P

Glenn’s profile on Spiceworks

This interview was recorded in an echoey room with a single mic, so the sound quality is a little rough.

Photo: Glenn Pitchford


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