Is Tech Evangelism Dead Yet Or Can I Be One Too? with Christina Morillo – Ep 108

Christina Murillo started this show as a stranger to us. Within less than an hour, we were in awe of her work within the security community. Christina works in the IT Security scene in NYC – born and raised – and began by asking what a Tech Evangelist is.

christina-morilloBefore long, we had a cross-section of what Advocacy, Evangelism and what makes for an opportunity worth exploring. We discuss:

  • Tech Evangelist, Developer Evangelism and Developer Advocacy
  • Being an engineer in the financial industry
  • Being a mother of 3 who contributes a ton of time to community
  • What we think an Evangelist does
  • Time required before being an Evangelist
  • Do you have to do the job first?
  • Her contributions to other communities
  • How all that matter is that you’re a Geek that’s allowed to speak
  • Walmart hiring for their Open Source software (OneOps)
  • The gap between marketing and engineering
  • Do you have to report to Marketing?
  • Can you Evangelize within conservative companies?
  • Do you have to be the first?
  • Evangelism used to be the type of work that you job out to consultant tech writers… but that changed somehow
  • We say millennials way too much
  • Understanding marketing as a benefit to Advocacy instead of a defaulting into Marketing Orgs
  • Get the job by auditioning for it (in or outside your day job)
  • Does Evangelism align best with vendors who sell something as opposed to a company like a bank?
  • John Podsplains us on the Finance industry
  • Developer Advocacy origins
  • What size company do you want to work for? What’s your mix of community and code?
  • Are we all imagining the Unicorn of titles without thinking through it?
  • Full-time vs part-time Advocacy
  • The challenge of “staying technical” as an Advocate or Evangelist
  • Her work on Women of Color in Tech stock photos
  • Finding the right job and not rushing into it


You can find Christina in a ton of places. She is a co-founder of Women of Color Tech Chat, a Community Manager for CodeNewbies and volunteer for BlackGirlsCode. All of us recommend following her on Twitter, @divinetechygirl, or looking her up on LinkedIn.


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  1. 6 April, 2016

    Great podcast, and really good advice regarding job moves. Glad to be back listening to you guys. I have been away too long.

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