Tech Recruiters are Matchmakers with Andy Tullo – Episode 111

Do Tech Recruiters have souls? We’ve often wondered. The Geek Whisperers have more faith after hanging out with Andy Tullo. He’s a entrepreneur focused on recruiting in our fast-growing Enterprise Tech scene. andy-tullo

We discuss:

  • Vetting company culture before you sign the paperwork
  • Positive psychology in the workforce
  • Finding great places to work by matchmaking the right way
  • Core values of the people in leadership
  • How to research as someone looking for a job
  • Glassdoor as a piece of the puzzle (take it with a grain of salt)
  • Watch social media of a company
  • Follow their influencers – do they represent a culture you want to be a part of?
  • Don’t be scared to reach out to individuals who work for the organization
  • Asking the right questions
  • Listen to the stories that tell you
  • Listen for passion
  • Listen to what was rewarded and what was punished
  • Do people work for (or quit from) a manager or a company?
  • Impact of a sloppy hiring practice
  • Tolerating behavior is a sign of company culture
  • Careers and lives are intertwined
  • Seeing opportunity in everyone
  • How do you measure your own success?
  • Self-awareness
  • Strength Finder as a tool toward self-awareness

Andy is easy to find. Give him a shout on LinkedIn, Twitter or at his company website, Permahub.

Thanks for listening!






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