Recruiting as Technical Matchmaker with Jill Jubinski Ep 114

Jill Jubinski is technical recruiting done right. We talk with Jill, Technical Community Evangelist for IBM’s Blue Box. We discuss how she talks to people Jill_Jubinskias people and turns that into value for companies and recruits alike.

We get into:

  • Recruiter-ish — she lives outside of the HR org chart
  • Reports up to the office of the CTO (sitting with Evangelists)
  • Expertise of focusing on recruiting in the OpenStack environment
  • Focus on a meaningful culture with recruits having a great experience
  • Attends a lot of events (and now keynoting more of them!)
  • Earned her current status through community engagement over many years of effort
  • The stats show that employee referrals matter more than anything else
  • You still may need a resume to get in the door, but face-to-face passion shines through
  • Traditional recruiting misunderstanding the goal of butts-in-seats
  • Using Twitter as a real person who likes engineers
  • Treating recruits as others want to be treated
  • Sticking to her strengths in recruiting even while tempted to learn more about the tech
  • Playing the match making game with poorly written job descriptions
  • People playing to their strengths on the recruiting and recruited sides
  • Getting along with the rest of an organization when playing the unicorn recruiter


Jill, also known as Hug Dispenser, is an incredible recruiter, speaker and community evangelist. Read more of her ideas on

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