Models of Contribution Throughout Your Career – Episode 125

So you feel stuck. What is a change that will make a difference versus one that makes you feel the same in a new place? How do you take a step back and review your situation? In a topic brought up by Matt and as a continuation of the Pioneers, Settlers and Town Planners model with Brian Gracely, we will dig into a couple models along with:

  • Move from a state of independence to interdependence
  • Career plateau vs contribution plateau
  • Are you really looking for a promotion or do you just want a new challenge?
  • Shifting your contribution with the same job title
  • Work changes even if the title stays the same
  • Think of work as assignment based
  • Beware not contributing directly even as you work with other people Stages of Contribution
  • Amy fights against the working-through methodology
  • Refer back to Jeffrey Snover and his ability to work through other people
  • Reflection on whether Stage 3 are useless middle managers
  • Managers can be at any stage – people management does not equal progression of contribution
  • The vulnerability as you move from individual contributor to people manager
  • Thinking about how you pitch yourself on your resume

Career Plateau references:

Stages of Contribution references:



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