Becoming a business geek with Ed Saipetch – Episode 127

How does a geek move into the business, and how many steps does it take to get there? This week we talk with Ed Saipetch, Office of the CTO for IBM’s Bluemix private cloud.

  • Co-host of the Speaking in Tech podcast
  • What does Ed do?
  • Office of the CTO’s role in the organization
  • direct reports and metrics (or not)
  • Ed started as an IT pro in a newspaper (6 years)
  • Got the chance to go to a VAR, then EMC, then Joyent, then Inktank, CenturyLink (2.5 years), now IBM
  • Always there was a personal connection
  • There have been downsides to moving several times over the last 7 years
  • But there have also been good raises and opportunities
  • There are sometimes corporate policies that don’t allow raises on transferring, even if the new job is at a higher level, which seems odd
  • The value of a network in careers
  • Do people know Ed from Speaking In Tech?
  • Things Ed would never do again?
    • Not take more stock options — turns out sometimes they are worth something!
    • Join a company that’s just being acquired — it’s better to be in the company that’s buying, not the company that’s being bought. Too many moving parts!
  • @edsai on Twitter

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