Podcast 8 – Twitter: You Have To Be Willing To Give More Than Get Back

This week our intrepid Geek Whisperers tackled their favorite floating dinner party, professional community, and time sink — Twitter. Our special guest was Sunshine Mugrabi, @sunshinemug, ย a social media consultant and recovering journalist and PR person. More specifically, we wanted to answer the question we get asked a lot: How Do You Get Started On Twitter? ย Listen to the podcast to get the full story:


  • Twitter is like a dinner party, so use your polite conversation-entering skills.
  • Twitter is also like being on stage. It’s normal to be nervous and feel like you’re being judged if people don’t laugh at your jokes or retweet your links. Sometimes having a work mission (i.e., something in common to talk about) makes it more comfortable.
  • Techniques like mirroring you often do naturally; but even if you do it consciously, you’ll put yourself more at ease along with the person you’re talking with.
  • Figure out why you want to be on Twitter. That reason shouldn’t include number of followers, because That Way Lies Madness.
  • You have to be willing to give more than get back.
  • You have to stick with it.


And finally, @CommsNinja in leg warmers:

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  1. 6 August, 2013

    Why don’t you have the Michael Sembello mega hit “Maniac” playing in the background of that video? It was so distracting to not have it blasting over the gym speakers… I smell a remix in the future.

    • Amy Lewis
      8 August, 2013

      Believe you me, it was the mental soundtrack. Twitteriac?

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