Prescribed Tweets and the Chamber of Employee Engagement – Episode 117

In a throwback episode to our social media origins, your Geek Whisperers take on one of our origin stories: the prescribed tweet.

Prescribed tweets are a method of sharing prewritten content that a colleague (most often marketing) requests you send (most often verbatim).



  • Duplicate tweets on the same hashtag looks inauthentic
  • Harms your own brand if you use it
  • Minimal effort to add your own edits to it
  • You have to offer your own reaction or you harm it
  • Maximizing number of tweets is wasteful


  • Prescription is bad, reframe it as suggested tweets
  • Help those less native to the social media platform
  • Help those without the time to consume it all (see Don’t Make Me Think)
  • Great method of internal notification


  • Share links internally like you share externally
  • Help people know how to share it through frameworks, not prescription
  • Keep the formatting simple when you share
  • Prevent copy/paste-able tweets to avoid bad behavior
  • TL;DR – give people training wheels to improve
  • Consistent sharing is incredibly effective – get people hooked

If you’re thinking about social influence, revisit these two episodes of the past:

And if you’re looking for a template, I shared a model used in my past life here: Podcast 2 Addendum: Social Media Activation Kits.

May your internets remain authentic and your ideas become viral.

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