Do what you liked doing when you were 10 with Sarah Vela – Episode 118

This week Sarah Vela tells us about bringing skills to the table at work, and knowing when to make a change. Sarah’s day job is in social media at Dell, and her recent non-day gig was as a co-host of Speaking in Tech, a role which she recently relinquished.

Sarah talked about her social media gig at Dell, how she’s been weaving more video into it. How do you find the part of your job that inspires you and give you passion – or how do you pivot your job so that it fires you up?

We talked about putting down and taking up. Sarah left her 4.5-year podcast host gig because (1) it was time and (2) she wanted to get involved with a local choir that required more practice time, and that’s where she wanted to spend her extracurricular time.

Four and a half years is a long time – even in a good job, it’s probably time to shake things up with new responsibilities and roles, even if you are in the same company.

(The running joke is that Amy Lewis was the “Snuffalupagus” to Sarah’s role on the podcast, because Amy often filled in when Sarah was out. Since the early days, I can report that they’ve both been in the same room at the same time, and that neither is imaginary and they are in fact separate people and nether is the secret identity of the other.)

We regret that we were not able to autotune Sarah at this point.

Sarah’s Twitter account: @orchid8

The Speaking in Tech podcast website


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