Keep Learning and Keeping Connections After Changing Jobs w/Erin Banks – Episode 119

banksy-banksEngineering to Sales to Marketing. It’s a path few take and everyone questions. We bring Erin Banks (aka Banksy and banksek) onto the show to discuss her move back to EMC as a Portfolio Marketing Director of Big Data & Analytics. What brought her back to the company? And how did a job opportunity outside of her day-to-day work open up for her?

We dig into another angle of the “don’t burn the bridge” conversation and cover:

  • Exposure to new challenges by trusted contacts
  • Choosing a career growth path (for Banks, it’s constantly learning)
  • Staying conscious of the people at a company are more than the company
  • The power of in-person relationships at overcoming generalizations
  • Remaining comfortable being uncomfortable as a theme for career growth
  • Easy isn’t fun

One note: This podcast was recorded before the EMC Dell merger completed.

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