Choosing Titles You Want to Have w/Frank Denneman at VMworld 2016 – Episode 120

In a banterful welcome back to the vBrownBag stage, we have another round of Geek Whisperers Live. VMworld 2016 frankdennemanbrought us to past guest, Frank Denneman. His current title is Sr Staff Architect for VMware R&D. He can’t tell you what he does, but he does Geek Whisper about it.

We dig into:

  • Transitioning to a startup as an Evangelist
  • The type of work that keeps you busy and happy
  • Making titles as you go vs being offered a job title
  • Evangelist role as more than just your product
  • Challenge of being an Evangelist in a world that wants you to be Public Relations or Marketing alone
  • Evangelizing work that’s not created yet
  • Metrics of success for Evangelism
  • Having a great teammate in Marketing
  • Talking home labs
  • Finding your motivation when you’re between work
  • How to think beyond your own bubble through good friends

Find Frank on Twitter or at his blog, You can see this video and more from VMworld 2016 on the vBrownBag YouTube channel.


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