Online and Offline Community at Matt’s Wedding – Episode 116

In a particularly special episode, John and Amy record a surprise episode of the Geek Whisperers from my wedding reception! The guests are an amazing collection of people met through the community. In particular we cover:

  • Task of being an online community manager IMG_0187
  • How that transitions to offline naturally
  • Origin of Luigi’s nickname, “Nerdblurt”
  • The random chain of events that turn into opportunity
  • Podcast as a means toward friendship
  • Joining a community to find your people
  • John and Amy on the Virtually Speaking podcast

Special thanks to: 

Luigi Danakos and his wife Maura,

Jonas Rosland and his wife Lise,

Me walking into a podcast!
Me walking into a podcast!

John’s better half, Kathleen Nelson Troyer,

And my wife, Adele.

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