Podcast 24 – vPaparazzi, Always-on Social Media, Advocacy and Disclaimers

Recorded live at VMworld Barcelona, your favorite Geek Whisperers explore our always-on culture, questioning responsibility in this flat world of ours. We’re joined by special guest Han De Leenheer.


Is Twitter our own MST3k for color commentary, or are marketers and newspeople now taking over?

We get into:

  • Disclaimers in social media
  • Always-on representation
  • Does official spokesmanship matter anymore?
  • Career limiting tweets

We come out with some simple rules too:

  • Don’t talk smack about competitors
  • Don’t talk smack about other parts of the organization
  • We have to be able to make mistakes

And we’re especially fond of Hans’ one liner for questionable tweets:



Do you have a story of a career-limiting tweet or a vPaparazzi moment? Share it here!

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  1. janerimmer
    29 October, 2013

    My blogpost differs somewhat from Hans’ view of the journalist, plus I’d rebuff the point that one of the companies mentioned backs up it’s people that make mistakes, paragraph 4 refers to a blogger that worked at one of Geek-Whisperers’ employer 🙁

    However, I’m in agreement with Hans’ 3-point check but if you’re employed you are always ‘on’ whether you’re a company spokesperson (not spokesman Hans!) or not.


    Keep up the good work Amy, John and Matt.

    • Amy Lewis
      25 November, 2013

      Great blog Jane, and we’ve got the counter argument to our “controversial” PR episode posting soon. You weren’t the only one to take us to task. 🙂

      We are always on, and our reputation goes with us wherever we may get a paycheck. I fully support your “be positive” approach–in the end, the context dissipates while the tone remains.

      • janerimmer
        26 November, 2013

        looking forward to hearing the counter argument Amy.

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