Podcast 25 – Localization of Social Media

Is English the one true language for the enterprise IT industry?

Are languages or physical locations even important anymore?

language on social media

Coming to you live from VMworld Europe, your fellow Geek Whisperers discuss how location and language impact our tribe of social Technologists.ย We’re joined by two vExperts:ย Craig Waters, podcaster and Melbourne VMUG leaderย as well as Gregg Robertson, AMEA vBrownBag host and London VMUG contributor.

What we hit on:

  • Social Media’s impact regionally
  • The global impact of social media adoption
  • How Amy’s language is impossibly idiomatic

One theory of how these variables impact our particular community is outlined below. Our communities fracture on the lines between location and language, though always come together as we speak geek.


Do you have a story of the impact of localization – positive or negative – on one of your communities? We’d love for you to share below or tweet us!

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