Podcast 26 – Building the modern working blog with VMGuru

What would the impact be if four colleagues got together and created a blog? This week we talk with three of the guys who run VMGuru.nl โ€” Erik Scholten, Edwin Weijdema, and Anne Jan Elsinga โ€” live at VMworld Europe in Barcelona (Their fourth major contributor, Alex Muetstege, was not at the event.)

The VMguru team with former VMware CTO Steve Herrod at VMworld 2010
The VMguru team with former VMware CTO Steve Herrod at VMworld 2010. (L-R, Anne Jan, Erik, Steve Herrod, Edwin, Alex)

If you are a marketer and would like insight into how an influencer blog evolves and why bloggers do what they do, this is a good podcast for you. If youโ€™re thinking of starting a blog and wondering what the future might look like if things go well, youโ€™ll also be interested in how the VMGuru guys do it.

VMguru.nl started as blog covering VMworld, and the guys have kept up the reporting year round. By combining forces, they have kept up the volume over the years, and always come in force to VMworld, with cameras and laptops in hand. Some of the things we talked about:

  • Evolution of the trade press
  • Layering the blog on top of your career
  • How they interact with their sponsors and their employer
  • Giving value to their readers
  • Working as a collective
  • Nights and weekends
  • Effectively working at a conference
  • How they like vendors to interact with them
  • Social media has a lot in common with enterprise solution sales and consulting
  • What their audience wants to know

Bonus: In this small segment of today’s recording Amy laughed four times. Can you spot each time Amy laughs?

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 6.21.33 PM

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