Going Private in Public & Missing Pieces of your Social Strategy: Episode 44

This week’s episode of the Geek Whisperers goes private, gets personal and points the finger (of your choosing) at social media strategy.


We begin with this: Why do private conversations result from public social media?

We get to a place that identifies significant gaps in today’s corporations.

Some specifics:

  • Social Media is discussed as just a platform, not a new type of communication
  • Matt talks to an angry customer over Twitter without being in Tech Support
  • We ask whether being angry in public is part of human nature
  • We talk taking it offline with DMs
  • Starting a Unicorn support hotline

We make mention of some friends of the podcast, including:

What are the big corporate conclusions?

  • Support is undervalued as a Marketing opportunity
  • Community Manager is an offline job
  • We don’t do social media


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