Insights from Open Sourced Community Management: Episode 52

idcardWhat makes some businesses consider Open Source a sexy strategy while others consider it a waste of time?

What’s it like to market to a community where everyone is hands on in the end product?

This week’s podcast zooms in on another part of the technology tribe: Open Source. We’re joined by Mark Hinkle, Senior Director of Open Source Solutions at Citrix and career-long Open Source nerd.

We cover:

  • The cost of customer acquisition
  • The communities of DevOps & Cloud Computing
  • How “community management” is really facilitate interaction
  • The myth that open source reduces R&D cost
  • An interest in Marketing Automation
  • And Jeggings

We’d love to hear of your experiences in the Open Source community, whether as a contributor, community manager or marketer. Let us know with a comment or a tweet!

You can also read more about Mark and his projects over at Socialized Software.

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