The Unicorn from Redmond – Episode 53

Symon Perriman, Microsoft

This week we talk with Symon Perriman, senior technical evangelist from Microsoft, about evangelism, career change, MVPs, user groups, org charts, performance management, business value, and more. It turns out unicorns come from Redmond, too.


  • Moving from engineering to evangelism
  • The Microsoft MVP Program
  • Career effects of MVP
  • Engineering bat phone connection for MVPs
  • Supporting independent user groups
  • The Virtualization Technology User Group:
  • Microsoft org chart: developer experience & evangelism
  • Evangelism job description
  • Working with partners
  • “Conference resumes”
  • Leveraging peers of your customers
  • How to you measure the effectiveness of evangelists? What metrics do you use?
  • Behind the scenes at TechEd
  • Trying to evaluate the business value of what you accomplished
  • Career longevity as an evangelist
  • @symonperriman

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