Always Be Connecting: Social Selling with Jill Rowley – Episode 56

Jill Rowley
Jill Rowley

This week the Geek Whisperers talk with a sales pro who gets it. Jill Rowley was a sales star at marketing software provider Eloqua – which was then bought by Oracle. Now she trains salespeople in how to have real relationships with their customers — in other words, social selling.


Here are some choice Rowleyisms from the podcast:

  • I don’t think I’ll find my next job; my next job will find me.
  • We don’t call it social media marketing – it’s social media engagement.
  • Measure What Matters
  • How Do You Show Up – What’s Your Digital Reputation
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile for your customer, not for a recruiter
  • Emulate your buyer, but not in an authentic way.
  • People buy from people they know, they like, they trust
  • The buyer needs to see himself herself in you
  • If you suck offline you will suck mor e online.
  • We don’t have a choice.
  • If you want to be relevant  to your buyer, you have to be where your buyer is, engaging in the channels your buyer is in.
  • If only 3% of cold-calls work, then why are people just doing more of it?
  • The modern buyer is digitally-driven, socially-connected, mobile with multiple devices, and empowered
  • When sales teams are given these tools, they too think it’s more fun than cold calling
  • A fool with a tool is still a fool
  • ABC – Always Be Connecting
  • Your network is your net worth
  • Socially surround the buyer, the buying committee, and their sphere of influence
  • LittleBird
  • How can we help the customer, and how can we serve the customer, not how can we sell to the customer
  • My job was never to sell; it was to get the buyer ready
  • Content is the currency of the modern sales professional
  • Get down with OPC – Other People’s Content – to share
  • I’m using the social selling buzz to have a bigger conversation around transformation of a whole industry
  • The art of a LinkedIn invite
  • There are 18 million students and only 100 colleges and universities that offer a curriculum about how to be a professional salesperson
  • I see a world where the territory models are blown up and deconstructed
  • People buy from people they know, they like, they trust
  • Why are we assigning accounts based on zip codes and the alphabet, not the strength of relationships?
  • Compensation models based on who touches, services the customer and creates customer advocacy
  • Today people are paid the same commission check whether the customer is a Positive Patty or a Negative Nancy
  • @jill_rowley
  • Just Google her.

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