The Nonlinear Career Path – Episode 57

When a Unicorn raises their hoof, the Geek Whisperers get them in front of the mic.

In another career path conversation, we’re joined by Mike Stanley who’s taken a career path less traveled. From aspiring to be a Latin teacher to learning Russian in the Army to … IT? We take a personal look into Mike’s career path, discussing where it started and where it’s going.


We discuss:

  • Careers
  • How you get where you’re going
  • What it means to be an “IT Generalist”
  • The projected shortfall of IT jobs
  • Is IT training or a degree the right move in IT?
  • Salary as part of the career question
  • To VAR and back to end customer
  • CS degrees in Enterprise IT
  • Work/Life balance
  • Local vs global interactions
  • The power of groups of people
  • Joe Onisick (past guest) helping via Twitter
  • BJ Fogg – Tiny Habits
  • Transition advice

Mike makes a powerful statement to vendors on the best way to use social media to gain leads –

“Interesting technical content followed up by real human interaction.”

What’s your career story? What did you learn from Mike’s?

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