Technology Evangelist as Utility Infielder with Greg Knieriemen – Ep 92

Your Geek Whisperers podcast with podcasters who like to whisper about careers. Mr. Greg Knieriemen is our first thrice guest and walks us through the career path memory lane as we think about Technical Evangelism, moving roles, living in Cleveland and speaking in tech. Amy and Greg are together at Cisco Live on this episode.

Please excuse my (Matt’s) nasally audio this round.

We discuss:

  • Career titles in enterprise IT
  • Getting used to remote work
  • Moving to Technical Evangelism
  • Going to the vendor side
  • Being a self-loathing Evangelism
  • The meeting of technical and social aptitudes in our industry
  • What does CTO mean anymore? Who has the path to CTO-ship?
  • The Amy Lewis random job title generator
  • Discuss Advocacy vs Evangelism
  • Utility in-fielder role
  • Don’t forget to show up
  • DevOps is hot right now
  • Big discussion on DevOps meaning Ops or Developer or what exactly
  • Not picking your career while in college
  • Playing to your strengths

Greg is the beloved host of another show the Geek Whisperers enjoy and you probably will too.

While I don’t speak French, I’m reasonably confident someone out there does

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