Thrive by Learning New Skills with Scott Lowe – Ep 99

This week’s episode is a special edition of our time with Scott Lowe at VMworld 2015. A special thanks to our friends at TheCube for recording us live! You can see the original video here.


Scott works in the NSX team at VMware, focusing on open source and the surrounding ecosystem. He has been in the VMware space for around 10 years now and is well known for his books, blogs, and keynotes around the world.

Despite his expertise in the VMware space, Scott continues to adapt to new technologies and challenge himself to learn them.

  • How do you know you need to learn a new technology?
  • Why is learning important to your career?

We dig into the fantastic story of Scott’s career and begin to understand how important it is to keep learning new skills. We discuss:

  • Early days of VMware
  • Early days of blogging
  • The slow realization of the importance of new technology
  • Continually adapting
  • Continually changing
  • How what appears like quick decisions were thoughts that evolved with time

“I think the most important skill for anyone in IT … is our ability to adapt to change: it’s our ability to change, how quickly we can change and how quickly we can deal with change.”

~ Scott Lowe

We answer some questions you may have:

  • But how does he keep evolving?
  • How do you evolve from interested to expert?
  • What drives his urge to share?
  • Do you think about your radius impact?
  • How do you stay driven by industry trends?
  • What motivates the move – fear of staying still or pulling forward into the new?
  • How has the Community impact your career choices?

Big thanks again to TheCube for being incredible hosts to us! See their latest work on Twitter or at

See you next time!

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