The Importance of Being a Mentor with Cody Bunch – Ep 98

We talk to Cody Bunch back at VMworld 2015 about mentorship and how he finds the time to help others. Cody’s day job is as Principle Architect at Rackspace as part of the OpenStack Product group, but we dig into a passionate project of his that means a lot to all of us Whisperers. cody-bunch-avatar

How do you find a mentor? How do you become a mentor? How do you know you should be one or the other or both?

We discuss:

  • Mentorship is a mechanism to give back
  • The vBrownbag project as a one-to-many medium, with mentorship is one-to-one
  • Getting beyond stagnation in a career
  • Searching for accountability from peers
  • Finding time to mentor others
  • Finding time to be mentored
  • Pushing toward self-awareness
  • Mentorship is not going to come to you, and it most often is outside of your current company
  • Feeling the gap in the community and pursuing it
  • How do you start something like vBrownbag?
  • How did you let go of something like vBrownbag when you can’t do it anymore?
  • Reference to Scott Lowe’s talk with us on TheCube
  • Inspiration from community peers, like Luigi Danakos (who inspired me as well)
  • Fighting the urge to feel like an imposter when someone asks you to be a mentor

If you’re looking for mentorship opportunities, reach out to Cody Bunch. You can also volunteer to help the vBrownBag community (click to tweet them!) and keep an eye on Scott Lowe’s programs. Keep making us all better by volunteering your time!

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