Surviving Enterprise Consolidation with Mark Twomey – Ep 106


What career moves can we glean from the big company consolidations of late? How do you stay above the downsize? We spend time with frequent podcaster Mark Twomey, better known as Storagezilla. He digs into industry trends, staying relevant with the times and his own development in 19 years at EMC. Mark works in the office of the CTO where he touches both customer- and engineer-facing tasks at the same time. We explore:

  • Trends, changes and living within the Enterprise
  • Personal experiences as behemoth companies consolidate
  • Finding a job through personal networks
  • The differences of a long tenures
  • Playing the long game (grace before grenades)
  • Middle management exodus
  • Power is lost because circumstances change and people do not
  • It’s up to you to ultimately seek out new challenges
  • Passion is a reaction to events (that’s within your control)
  • Schedule the results you want first
  • Start a side project and honor it
  • Make a commitment with a team
  • Crowdshame yourself for fun and profit
  • You don’t have to say what’s on your mind and it isn’t cowardice

Mark can be easily found on Twitter @Storagezilla. He also has a monthly podcast at The Data Cortex.

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