How to Publicly Resign as a Tech Evangelist – Kenneth Hui Ep 105

Kenneth Hui wrote a powerful blog post on leaving his job that caused this podcast. He made the tough call to quit his job without another one lined up. Here’s some of the story you can’t find online and some important questions to ask yourself as you consider your next move. Kenneth Hui - OpenStack Evangelist

  • Part of this was inspired by Keith Townsend‘s experience on a similar process
  • No wish to stringing along the company when he’s not passionate about his current work
  • Reminiscent of Scott Lowe’s words of wisdom to never forget the power of your own community
  • The sense of having a powerful community around him
  • More successful by being in public than in private
  • Knowing your strengths – Ken’s gone through Strength Finder and found value from it
  • Structure and method to the process of considering quitting
  • Tips and tricks Kenneth uses to work through his career options
  • Community is a cornerstone of his opportunities
  • The diversity of definitions of the job “Tech Evangelist”
  • Talk to people outside of the technology world as a gut check for crazy ideas
  • The impact and importances of (multiple conversations) with your family
  • The vulnerability of admitting you’re out there looking for work
  • The impact of a huge commute
  • What it means to “not be a startup guy”
  • Ken discusses Matt’s blog post on Pioneers, Settlers and Towns Planners model


If you haven’t already, dig into Ken’s blog posts on this topic and his exploration of technology. Follow up with him on Twitter @kenhuiny.

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