Evangelists, Find Your Career Bucket – Episode 131

What’s Latin for without a bucket? The three Geek Whisperers catch up with you, fair listener, on conversations with those who fall into Evangelist type positions but don’t see how it fits. Our TL;DR is this:ย You need a bucket.

We hit on how:

Evangelist is still a bad title in the long run (again)

Walk through the standard buckets at a vendor

  • One model is: Sales, Marketing, Engineering
  • Another is

Doing some org chart philosophizing

How the Marketing funnel is a perfect gut check for where your job fits into it

How a profession and a skill set is not the same thing

What are some of the roles you can land in for an Engineering organization?

and I talk about Product Owner type work and why that’s fascinating me of late


We hope you enjoy it!

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