Social Media and the Employee Clone Army: Episode 66

What expectations do companies have about their employees participating in social media? Has it changed from ‘tacitly allowed’ to ‘mandatory’? This week, it’s just the three Geek Whisperers, and we discuss … Continue Reading →



Scott Abel, CEO and Unicorn Hoarder – Episode 65

In the grand finale of our time at SpiceWorld 2014, your Geek Whisperers talk with Scott Abel, humble CEO of Spiceworks, lets us occasionally ask questions and mostly just talk … Continue Reading →



How to Start Writing Books – Episode 64

Prolific writer and self-defined “shameless self promoter” Tom Limoncelli joins us in this continued series from SpiceWorld 2014. We discuss: The years before social media Publishing books Blogging before blogging was … Continue Reading →


Whitney Carnes

Education and empathy: IT is about more than technical skills – Episode 63

This week we talk with Whitney Carnes about how IT departments can connect with their users and about running a managed service provider that works with small business. Whitney is the president of Serenity … Continue Reading →


Matt Simmons, @StandaloneSA

Finding your professional tribe in IT – Episode 62

This week we spoke about IT tribes with Matt Simmons, university sysadmin, blogger, subreddit moderator, and LISA program committee member. How do people pick the IT Tribes they are a … Continue Reading →


Marc Farley on the infamous steering wheel cam.

Energized By Change: Talking Careers with Marc Farley – Episode 61

The Geek Whisperers crew is proud to have serial entrepreneur and former Microsoft employee Marc Farley on our third and final podcast from VMworld 2014. This episode was recorded on day … Continue Reading →


Stu Miniman on a panel at VMworld 2014

Research Analyst: A Dirty Job, But Somebody Has To Do It – Episode 60

We talk with Stu Miniman, research analyst at Wikibon, about the daily practice of being an analyst. Some of the topics we covered: Financial analysts vs research analysts Journalists vs analysts … Continue Reading →



Be a Unicorn, not a Dinosaur: Examples from VMworld – Episode 59

Warning: This is a tough-to-hear episode. Please accept our apologies – we did our best to clean it up. The conversation is just too good to throw it away! In this … Continue Reading →


Smilin' Scott Hanson

Customers Service and the Server Geek – Episode 58

This week we talk with someone who uses Twitter and social media to form relationships with their customers. Scott Hanson, @CiscoServerGeek on Twitter, is a unicorn who uses his super powers … Continue Reading →



The Nonlinear Career Path – Episode 57

When a Unicorn raises their hoof, the Geek Whisperers get them in front of the mic. In another career path conversation, we’re joined by Mike Stanley who’s taken a career path … Continue Reading →