Be a Unicorn, not a Dinosaur: Examples from VMworld – Episode 59

Warning: This is a tough-to-hear episode. Please accept our apologies – we did our best to clean it up. The conversation is just too good to throw it away! In this … Continue Reading →


Smilin' Scott Hanson

Customers Service and the Server Geek – Episode 58

This week we talk with someone who uses Twitter and social media to form relationships with their customers. Scott Hanson, @CiscoServerGeek on Twitter, is a unicorn who uses his super powers … Continue Reading →



The Nonlinear Career Path – Episode 57

When a Unicorn raises their hoof, the Geek Whisperers get them in front of the mic. In another career path conversation, we’re joined by Mike Stanley who’s taken a career path … Continue Reading →


Jill Rowley

Always Be Connecting: Social Selling with Jill Rowley – Episode 56

This week the Geek Whisperers talk with a sales pro who gets it. Jill Rowley was a sales star at marketing software provider Eloqua – which was then bought by … Continue Reading →



Whispering About Ourselves: A Quarterly Business Review – Episode 55

Navels, prepare to be gazed upon! Hosts Lisa Caywood and Greg Knieriemen bring you through a quarter’s worth of opinion while you trusted Whisperers consider where we’ve been and where we go … Continue Reading →



You Lead. Who Follows?

Hi. My name is Josh Atwell. At this moment I have 3,899 followers of my personal Twitter account, @Josh_Atwell. Many may find this to be a large number while others … Continue Reading →


Using the Force to create your dream job: Episode 54

All the Geek Whisperers have changed jobs recently. We basically invented the new roles ourselves. How did we do that? This week we talk about using the force to create … Continue Reading →



The Unicorn from Redmond – Episode 53

This week we talk with Symon Perriman, senior technical evangelist from Microsoft, about evangelism, career change, MVPs, user groups, org charts, performance management, business value, and more. It turns out … Continue Reading →



Insights from Open Sourced Community Management: Episode 52

What makes some businesses consider Open Source a sexy strategy while others consider it a waste of time? What’s it like to market to a community where everyone is hands … Continue Reading →



Can hostile marketing work for your brand on social? Episode 51

Do you have to be nice on social media? This week we talk with Joe Onisick, technical marketing engineer at Cisco, infamous for his acerbic demeanor on Twitter. He’s a cocky bastard … Continue Reading →