Going Private in Public & Missing Pieces of your Social Strategy: Episode 44

This week’s episode of the Geek Whisperers goes private, gets personal and points the finger (of your choosing) at social media strategy.   We begin with this: Why do private … Continue Reading →



Listening to influencers gets you out of the building – Episode 43

When you engage with influencers, you get a perspective from outside your own building. We talk with Lisa Caywood, product marketing manager, about the emotional component of buying behavior and … Continue Reading →


Mark Finnern - SAP Mentor Evangelist

Community Building is the New Marketing: Episode 42

This week your Whisperers are welcomed by Mark Finnern, Chief Community Evangelist responsible for the SAP Mentor Initiative. Mark is a fellow passionate community builder who, when called out as a … Continue Reading →



Community forums that build human connections: Episode 41

This week we talk to an IT Community OG, the founder of the VMware Community, Daryll Swager. We talk about community forums, being customer-centric, and about Twitter forcing brevity as … Continue Reading →



Knights of the Old Publishing Republic: Episode 40

Susan Fogarty, Editor-in-Chief of Network Computing joins us on this return to our Star Wars ways. On the podcast we compare the time when the IT Media peacefully governed the galaxy to the … Continue Reading →


This is your CTO ice fishing

The Passion of the CTO: Episode 39

In what may be our best podcast yet, Jason Nash, CTO of technology solutions company Varrow, gives us his frank views on the value of social media and technical evangelism. For Jason, the value is clear. Employees engaged in the technical community help drive the business while they grow personally and technically. Continue Reading →


Frank does indeed have a nice car

The Velvet Rope & The Sense of Community: Podcast 38

A car club has a lot in common with a technology community, and both follow similar patterns. We talk with Frank Denneman about what gives a sense of community, boundaries … Continue Reading →


This picture of a baby and a waterfall has very little to do with this week's podcast.

Publish or Perish: Agile vs Waterfall Content – Podcast 37

We continue our discussion about content and surviving the content crunch. The metaphors fly thick as we talk about being personal trainers for content creation, being agile bicyclists vs building … Continue Reading →



Overcoming Crappy Content with Real People – Podcast 36

Companies are producing content at an unsustainable rate. This week’s guest and conversation is inspired by that very topic. Stephen Foskett, founder of Tech Field Day, joins us to talk … Continue Reading →



The Risks and Rewards of Blogger Briefings with Calvin Zito – Podcast 35

The Geek Whisperers talk with HP’s Calvin Zito about bringing bloggers together and the risks and rewards that ensue. We also hear how Calvin and Matt first met and how … Continue Reading →