Podcast 10 LIVE – Organic Social Media is Better Than Forced

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Your hosts of John, Amy and Matt come together for the first time in person since the podcast began! While live from EMC World 2013, we dig into a few hot topics:

  1. What’s it take to be a Geek Whisperer
  2. To mandate or not to mandate social media usage
  3. Activity at events
  4. Hashtag strategies

Geeks at Play - Recording Geek Whisperers Live


Some of the topics that arose include the EMC World experience, in particular the EMC Elect space where we recorded.  Here’s a great shot of it:

EMC Elect Space


Now to the most important part of the story: if anyone can convince Amy that they started a “viral hashtag” for work, she’ll buy you 3 months of the bacon club.

One conclusion from the show


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