Geek Whisperers How-to: How Matt Edits

As we take a week off from our regular podcasting, we want to offer you some insight into how we produce the show.

We have a system in Geek Whisperers where we each play a role: Amy runs point on outreach, John and I take turns on edits. In today’s post, I want to show you how I edit in 5 steps.

So as you can see, we go from Callburner to GarageBand to Audacity to Levelator to here.

One more point worth noting: you may get in the situation where you want to export separate audio tracks from a single GarageBand recording. Here’s a good hack to separate each part out without other tools:

  • Complete edits on the part of the podcast you want to have exported
  • Cmd + A to select all tracks
  • Shift + click on the parts you want to export as a podcast (the ones you just edited above)
  • Cmd + X to remove everything selected
  • Share > Export Podcast to Disk
  • Once complete, Cmd + Z to bring back the other audio
  • Delete the snippets of what you just exported
  • Repeat as needed


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