Episode 28: The PR Pro Strikes Back

Social Media, PR Is Your Father

This week, PR defends itself against the Social Media rebels. A long time ago, on a podcast far, far away, our Geek Whisperers destroyed a straw-man PR Death Star in a previous episode, How to Socially Train Your PR Professional. The three Geek Whisperers work in the social/community area, and we love our colleagues who work in corporate communications and public relations, but sometimes we don’t feel like we’re speaking the same language.

Our guest, Carrie Reber of Infinio, listened to the last podcast and found herself yelling back at us. Luckily, we heard the commotion and got her as a guest on the podcast, stat! In a response to our original podcast, Carrie lays out for us three misconceptions that social media people have about PR folks.

  1. PR is not about locked-down sanitized control and press releases.
  2. Real PR Pros don’t pitch; they create relationships.
  3. Reputation and credibility is not unique to social media.

She also wanted to make clear that PR people do not have sticks up their behinds, as we claimed in the previous podcast. Thanks Carrie for the pushback on our own misconceptions! We learned a lot this week, including Carrie’s Strategic Plan For Rolling Out New Products With Influencers. To learn about that, you’ll have to listen! (It comes in around 34:35.)

Disclaimer & News: Matt Brender has a new gig at Infinio, and now works with Carrie. Congrats Matt! More good news is that Matt will continue to be a Geek Whisperer with us.


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